Evolvelove is about having conversations to create changes relating to critical topics. 

WHY are we having them?

Because we want to make the world a better place for our and future generations. And we know it is individuals who will lead the change. Because political parties need our votes. And businesses need our money. And we know conversations are the most powerful lever for change. So the best way to lead change is by having enjoyable, different and inspiring conversations with our friends, family, workmates, neighbours, clients, taxi drivers, teammates and baristas.  

WHAT are our objectives i.e. what do we want to achieve?

We want to… 

  • have enjoyable, different and inspiring conversations
  • create positive changes relating to critical topics
  • share ideas, suggestions, stories & resources for having conversations
WHERE and WHEN are we having conversations?

This website offers some ideas, suggestions, stories and resources for having conversations. That said, we haven’t included a heap of them as we’d prefer to start with a 15 minute introductory conversation…


Over 10 years ago we started our work at festivals and community events talking with people about drink driving. We wanted to reduce the likelihood people would drive drunk. We discovered the best way help people drive safely was to have honest and enjoyable conversations with them. 

Same now. We are having conversations with people relating to the big topics some people are not facing. And we want to help people make choices which will create a world better than the one we grew up in.  


Evolvelove is a little profit-for-purpose organisation with a big vision… to have the conversations we are not having relating to critical topics. 

critical : making a choice for better or worse; decisive moment; an unstable or crucial time

We are a limited by guarantee company registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. 

We have a bold model for financial sustainability

ACN: 637 617 460